My First Global Village Experience

Written By: Neena Fabian

Have you always wanted to explore the world and all its different cultures?

You are in for a treat!

Global Village is happening this Wednesday, March 7 – from 11.00 am – 14.15 pm at UiO, Eilert Sundts hus Block A, next to Auditorium 5.



This year’s Global Village will be my first!

As an exchange student from Canada, a culturally diverse environment has always been the norm for me, so I know that Global Village will feel just like home. I’m looking forward to getting a taste of each continent through the great food, great music, and great people — all under one roof.


This event is perfect for exploring the world’s culture in less than six hours.




Being a new member of the AIESEC team in Norway, one of my goals for the Global Village event is to learn more about AIESEC’s Global Volunteer Program. I’ve heard that this year’s national campaign is to send students to Brazil, Mexico, Bolivia and Argentina. I have always loved traveling, and these countries are definitely on my list. It would be a transformative experience to be immersed in the rich cultures of these countries.

You will for sure see me drop by the information session to discover volunteering opportunities in Latin America this summer.

The information session starts at 16:15.

See you there!