AIESECers’ Stories #2

Why you should invest your time in practical experiences


My name is Mats, I’m a 23 year old Norwegian guy working full time as the President of AIESEC in Norway.

Mats 2

It all started 4 years ago when I was a new student entering the university in Trondheim, NTNU, to study European studies. Even though I had high ambitions for my studies and my results, the truth is that after I joined the Local Committee of AIESEC in Trondheim I ended up doing twice as much AIESEC work then school work over the years I lived there. After my tree years in Trondheim I left the city without finishing my studies, but with experiences that no degree could teach me.


Last August I flew to Poland to represent AIESEC in Norway at AIESECs International Congress along with 800 delegates from 120+ countries and territories. The objective with this annual congress is to gather the entire AIESEC network in one place to connect with the purpose of the organization and to drive the organization forward in bringing more leadership development to young people through cross- cultural exchange. Sitting in the same room for 12 days with so many other like minded young leaders from all around the world made me feel very humble and grateful, and made me reflect upon how I reached this place.

Mats 1


Over my four years in AIESEC I have had the opportunity to visit 15 new countries, expanded my international network, learn soft and hard skills that no study program could ever teach, and more importantly do something positive for the world. I have met people from all continents, I have hosted international interns in my apartment and I gotten the opportunity to go to national and international conferences.


One year ago I got accepted to work on the national board of the organization, which eventually led me to be elected as the new President of AIESEC in Norway. Now I am leading an organization at the age of 23, with more than 100 volunteers, without even having a degree.

Mats 3

Don’t let a study program decide what you should or should not do.  Choose it yourself. In my case I decided to learn and develop myself by devoting my time and efforts to this organization. The investment has been enormous from both a personal and professional perspective.


Now you have the chance to join us, and develop yourself as well. Be a part of AIESEC:


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