AIESECers’ Stories #4

My name is Line Rønning and I currently live in Trondheim, but was born in Oslo. I study Political Science at NTNU and I joined AIESEC in august 2015 by mere coincidence. I had never heard about the organisation before, but I was drawn to their focus on developing teamwork and leadership skills.

I am currently the head of HR and Finance within the organisation’s base in Trondheim and on the side working with developing a volunteer program called Youth Impact. Earlier have I been working on a Volunteer program called Active Summer in Oslo, I have also been in the marketing team and organised a national conference, all through AIESEC.

The main thing I have learnt with my experience in AIESEC is that if you really put effort, your energy and passion into something that you care about, then you can achieve everything. My best moment inside the organization was during the summer I was working with this volunteer program called Active Summer, we had just received 23 students from all around Europe, and the team and I were tired and stressed after a long day of working. At the end of the day we were going to have a meeting, and one of my team mates had bought refreshment for us to drink during the meeting. It was such a small gesture, but it made that meeting that much easier and the mood was lifted.


Another memorable event was at the end of the Active Summer project when our volunteers had just finished facilitating two summer camps for kids from asylum centers and lower social economic background. We were having a karaoke night and one of the volunteers decided that we were going to sing “I was here” by Beyonce. During the song you could really feel that everyone in the room felt that they could relate to the song and that they had made a difference this summer.

It is these small occasions with a team and the people that you are working with towards a common goal and shares an amazing experience with that really makes AIESEC truly special to me. If you give it a shot then I can promise you that it will be life changing.

Now you have the chance to join us, and change your life as well. Be a part of AIESEC:

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