AIESECers’ Stories #5

My name is Radhika Mathur and I am from India. Currently I am pursuing Masters in Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the University of Oslo and joined AIESEC in August 2016. I joined AIESEC because I saw an opportunity to build network with companies and startups within Norway as it would be beneficial for my course. Hence I chose the Incoming Exchange team. Another reason for me to join was to develop as a responsible leader, personally and professionally.
One thing that I can say about AIESEC is that it is an organisation where every member matters and it delivers what it promises; developing leadership. I have evolved from a team member in the Incoming Exchange team to taking the responsibility of a team leader. Now I am the new VP Talent Management for the term 2017-2018.

Through AIESEC I have learned so many things, the most important being: motivating and placing its People (members) first within the organisation. Everyone working in AIESEC UiO have been extremely motivating since day 1 and are super friendly. I have made some good friends, and going with them to our last national conference (UNITE) in Trondheim (Jan 2017) was the best moment.
Joining AIESEC will not only help you professionally but will also develop you personally. You will get to meet new people and build networks with AIESECers around the world. Also, AIESEC is a society where each and every member is important. It gives its members ownership to present their ideas and opinions. So join AIESEC and become a part of a society where you will make a

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