Benefits of going abroad with AIESEC

By: Anteneh Tesfaye

“I’m gaining international experience, and I’m getting new skills and knowledge, and I’m challenged regularly.’’ Says Joakim I. Andersen a Norwegian who went on a professional internship in India as Business Development executive. A year before that, he was also in Uganda for his volunteer project.

It might have crossed your mind the idea of going abroad, or you might have even wrote it in your bucket list either for volunteering or to work professionally. But you might ask, how? Which organization should I choose? Will the organization provide me a plenty of choices to choose in terms of where to go and what to do? Will I get all the necessary support here and abroad? How can I develop personally and professionally? How can I take the best out of this? If you think it is fair to ask this question, you have come to the right place. Here we brought the 5 benefits you will get out of going abroad with AIESEC.


1- Global Volunteer- Global Entrepreneur- Global Talent

What do you want?

  • Global Volunteer– Working in community development volunteer projects in different NGO’s and bring a positive impact?
  • Global Entrepreneur– Working in startups and developing entrepreneurial skills through work experience abroad?
  • Global Talent– Working professionally in companies and getting an international work experience?

It’s your choice to find the one you want and embark on your journey!
2- Exciting and Impactful Opportunities

If you either need to have career/school break or you are looking to do something out of ordinary, AIESEC provides you opportunities that are worthwhile where you can make a real difference. The fact that AIESEC is present in more than 120 countries plus the very diversified opportunities and projects depending your area of interests will give you the chance to work where want and what you want.


3- Unique Support and Engagement

Starting from your first interaction with the AIESEC till you finish and come back and share your experience, you will be provided with the necessary support in all phases to become a part of the AIESEC family. But what I do mean when I say unique is, for example let’s say you went abroad and started working. You will have an unforgettable time with AIESEC local committee members of your host country, you will be invited to their local committee meetings which often happens every two weeks or every month, where every member and intern gather and have a cultural sharing time or country presentation, while sometime you will have discussions on world issues or other learning activities. Of course there will also be a time to for fun and relaxing. After those meetings, the AIESECers will go to nearby restaurant or bar for a drink or simply to get to know each other more.


4- Global Mindset and International Network

Working a foreign country is different from working in local internships. You have to work and live with people from diverse backgrounds; you will learn and become friends with people who come from different cultures and who are also willing to tell you about their country, culture, living styles and even business opportunities. You will develop an ample understanding of the world and create a friendship with people different part of the world. Who would not like having one friend from Asia, one friend from Africa and the other from South America?


5- A Plus for your CV

Either if you volunteered or worked abroad through AIESEC, just imagine your resume showing your summary of experiences abroad side by side with some other professionals with same status like you and you will definitely stand out as a great choice for the position. No doubt all the candidates will have the right qualifications. And they all want to job but what is the extra thing you can add to company? You can boost your chance by highlighting the skills you gained while living in a different culture. The Logic is simple, having a wide skill set and high number of attributes counts a lot when it comes to finding a good job.

Now that you know the benefits you get from going abroad with AIESEC, you just have to find the right project for you, and decide when it is the best time for you to go. In case you have any doubts, you can always contact the nearest local office, and our members will help you through your journey.

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