6 excuses why you shouldn’t go on Exchange

By: Mehdi Guerfali

Have you always considered going abroad on an exchange opportunity in a foreign company or working for a humanitarian organization, but yet never done it?
I bet some voices in the back of your head are holding you down and not letting you do it now.

Check out this list of excuses and who knows, maybe you could relate to some of them. Perhapes, you will be able to quiet down those voices in the back of your mind.


I don’t have the time:

When you come to the end of your exchange you are going to wish that you could stay longer. However, if you really do not have time to go for a longer internship at the moment, you can always go on of our short-term programs as volunteering or entrepreneurial opportunities. These opportunities last between 6-8 weeks. If you would go this summer, you can benefit from your personal holidays.



I can’t afford going abroad, it’s too expensive:

Many assume it is out of their price range before even looking at costs. Many experienced travelers can tell you how surprisingly affordable it could be even if you do not have that big of an income.
Besides, AIESEC internship programs provide you with a salary or with at least a free-accommodation and free meals. Make sure you look at all your options and have the right information before deciding if you can afford the experience.


I am underqualified:

Of course, you are not the only person that will be applying for positions. But that is part of the experience we offer to you. And trust me, one of the magical points of AIESEC, is that there is a very high chance, that an experience that suits perfectly your profile is right there, waiting for you on https://opportunities.aiesec.org/. Give it a try, it changed my way of perceiving the world and I’m sure it would change yours as well.


I want to go to (the country you dream about) but I don’t speak the language:

I shouldn’t bother you much regarding this one since almost everyone in AIESEC speaks English. Wherever you end up, you’ll be surround by natives who communicate in English with you as well. As help, you could learn their language if you’d like that.


The world is unpredictable:

It surely is, I completely agree with you, but it shouldn’t prevent you from exiting your comfort zone. This would be the same as not living your normal life and not leaving your home because of the fear that something unfortunate will happen to you. I have traveled to many places that were really scary in my mind. I had high expectations of bad situations occurring to me as well. Bbut I ended up disappointing those expectations and living great experiences that made me feel much better and more confident about myself, and the world around me.


Going abroad is not crucial for my career:

Even If you live in a wealthy environment, there are a set of skills that can only be developed by living in a different one. Nowadays, these skills are highly required for a large range of job opportunities, are beneficial to employers and can potentially help with operational & strategical tasks.


Now close your eyes and take a deep breath. Trust me on this one (even though I am just a web page), and Apply now.