A positive change in other people’s lives

You have probably asked yourself  “why do volunteer work?” To go work as a volunteer brings not only a positive impact in other people’s lives, but in your own life as well. It brings you cultural understanding and you get to meet people who work towards the same goals, but most importantly you get to help those who need it. It gives you a great feeling and an amazing experience.

This time we are sharing the story of one of our EPs (exchange participant). Frederik Christoffer Lindqvist went on an unforgettable journey with his brother Marcus Andreas Lindqvist in South America. Their story takes place in Brazil, in the city of Teresina in Piaui. Their stay lasted for 6 weeks and they described it as fantastic. They got the opportunity to meet new people and at the same time meet many AIESEC members from all around the world, where the majority came from Colombia.

The host family took good care of them. They made sure that the boys got served food, they washed their clothes and provided them a decent bedroom. One of the family members, by the name Victor, already had the experience of being a host for volunteer workers whom had traveled with AIESEC, thus making the boys’ transition to Brazillian culture much easier. He could for instance speak in English. The boys considered him as a super cool and helpful guy.

They worked with a project called “Smart”. The job entails helping generate money to the organization AMA (school for people with autism). They organized a flea market where people had the opportunity to buy photos of the children, as well as handmade objects and clothing. Frederik emphasized his satisfaction with the experience by pointing out that is was due to Brazil’s relaxed atmosphere, but especially thanks to the host family’s hospitality. “I am very grateful for having experienced that trip”, he says.



This story shows an individual’s positive influence on other people’s lives, but also the journey’s impact on the individual. He ends it all with “And I am very open to go again next summer”.

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