AIESECers’ Stories #1

By: Kine Torp Ellingsen

My name is Vyni Nguyen and I study Culture and Communications at the University of Oslo. From a young age I knew I wanted to help people and work with society issues to improve the world. Half a year into university I remember talking with my sister on the phone and she said that AIESEC would be a good fit for me. She told me that AIESEC was about developing ourselves both personally and professionally and that it was a good place to meet new people. It took some time before I came around, but when I saw the video “Why we do what we do“, and I was sold.
I started in the Organizational Comitte (OC) having the role of arranging the parties and dinners for the conference that my team was responsible of facilitating. After the conference I became the Vice President of incoming Global Community Development Programme (iGCDP). Our project was to make a summer camp for children from a lower socio-economic background, especially children in asylum, with the aim of developing the children’s communication skills, English skills, teamwork skills, self-esteem and pro-active attitude so that they would better be able to have cultural understanding, because developing cultural understanding was what the project was about.The summer camp was also an opportunity to give the children who could not afford it a worthy summer vacation.

The year later we wanted to improve the quality of the camp by focusing on being more present for the Exchange Participants who ran the camp in terms of following up on their leadership and management development. When I started, I really didn’t know what it meant to be a leader, but being a leader is basically just having a goal and finding the most effective way to reach that goal. I have learned that it is crucial to build a foundation and get on the same page in terms of finding a common vision to work towards and create goals that make you able to reach the vision when you reach these goals.This empowering culture we have in AIESEC has made me see myself in a new perspective.
vy's camp

Being a Vice President has been the most challenging and best experience of my life. I can definitely say that I got what I came for in terms of establishing deep friendships, developing myself both professionally and personally. I also got great insight in how the society and how the business world works.
In my perspective, AIESEC has been the best platform for me to challenge and develop myself. You get to practice theory, realize your ideas and really learn by doing. I am grateful for being able to experience all the things I have experienced and meeting all the people I have met. My journey wouldn’t be the same. Although I am doing a semester abroad right now, I will still be a part of AIESEC,that is in AIESEC in Madrid.



Would you like to have an impactful experience like Vy? Get to know more about AIESEC, and how you can become a member in your city, or university by clicking here.

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