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Why gain work-experience abroad?

Maalfrid Brath, CEO of ManpowerGroup, expresses the importance of experience within the work field of foreign companies. Globalization in the marked of labor will make a more diverse Norway and having the experience of working abroad can benefit you in many ways. Not only will you have worked within another culture than your own, learned […]

My First Global Village Experience

Written By: Neena Fabian Have you always wanted to explore the world and all its different cultures? You are in for a treat! Global Village is happening this Wednesday, March 7 – from 11.00 am – 14.15 pm at UiO, Eilert Sundts hus Block A, next to Auditorium 5.     This year’s Global Village will […]

Being an international student in Oslo, Norway

Written By: Giulia Berardinetti Are you a student? Are you living outside your home country? Well, don’t worry… you are not alone! I want to share with you, my personal experience being a new international student at BI Business school in Oslo moving from the eternal city: Rome. Going back to the moment when I discovered […]

Mitt internship i Sveits.

Post By: Lars Rimstad Written By: Åse Jeg heter Åse og er 22 år gammel. For tre år siden begynte jeg på NHH og det var også da jeg ble kjent med AIESEC. Allerede første semester ble jeg medlem av AIESEC og har på den måten fått en god oversikt over alle mulighetene som finnes i organisasjonen.   Jeg søkte internship i EF (Education First) på […]

3 Great Leaders from Oslo.

By: Chloé Blatter   Before addressing the topic, let’s reflect for a moment: What is leadership and what are the characteristics of a leader? People interpret these terms differently. Some would say that leadership is the ability to see a problem and be the solution. Others describe leadership as playing to strengths and addressing weaknesses in […]

6 reasons why you should be an AIESEC volunteer!

By: Karoline Lund Johansen   Volunteering. You might have thought about it, you might have never even considered it, but everyone who has already done it will agree that it’s an experience you will not get anywhere else. So what is it about volunteering that makes it so special? Here are 6 reasons why you should […]