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About The Event

Broaden Base is a virtual event created by AIESEC in Norway in partnership with LNU for youth all across Norway to help with their self-development and future career-paths. Our event consists of a + 20 workshops designed to reach all Norwegian youth to broaden the impact.

What youth will get from the Broaden Base project:
  • Empowering workshops about SDGs No. 8 (Decent Work and Economic Growth) and No. 10 (Reduced Inequalities)
  • Insightful workshops by SoftSkills Academy to bring insightful perspectives on how to develop yourself and map your future career-paths
  • A certificate of your attendance that is signed and endorsed by AIESEC in Norway (with minimum individual participation of one SDG workshop and 3 of the SoftSkills Academy workshops)
  • No Fees at all: You can attend up to 20 sessions, totally for FREE.
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  • Norway Virtual (on Zoom)
  • Date 15th March - 30th Apr
  • Speakers +20

Why You Should Join?

The Broaden Base event is your ultimate chance to enhance your skills along other youth who inspire to be the best versions of themselves and start or improve their professional careers. You can also create a network of people who share your passion for learning and the goal of making the world a better place, all in one place!

No Fees at all: FREE

Enjoy our rich content, book your ticket to save your virtual seat and get your certificate without any costs or fees.


Great Speakers

We bring insightful perspectives from great experts to broaden your knowledge about self-development and career advice.


Global Event

Get to know more about SDGs issues to get a better understanding and sense of world awareness.


Get Inspired

Learn from great speakers and share ideas with fellow youth to be inspired to empower yourself and map out your future career path.


Networking Session

Improve your profile and enhance your career opportunities by expanding your network along with other inspiring participants.


Meet New Faces

Get a virtual touchpoint to meet many new faces of inspiring people in the Broaden Base project.











Event Schedules

Here you can find all of the dates of different projects and workshops so make sure to check it thoroughly (GMT+2)

15 March, 17h - 18h
16 March, 16h - 18h
17 March, 16h - 18h
18 March, 16h - 18h
22 March, 16h - 18h
23 March, 16h - 18h
24 March, 16h - 18h
25 March, 16h - 18h
29 March, 16h - 18h
30 March, 16h - 18h
31 March, 16h - 18h
1 April, 16h - 18h
5 April, 16h - 18h
7 April, 16h - 18h
12 April, 16h - 18h
13 April, 16h - 18h
14 April, 16:30h - 18h
15 April, 16h - 18h
19 April, 16h - 18h
20 April, 16h - 18h
21 April, 16h - 18h
26 April, 16h - 18h
27 April, 16:30h - 18h
29 April, 16:00h - 18h

Our Speakers

Down below you can find a list of our amazing speakers that will be joining us through all of the event to share their valuable knowledge with us

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This event is the result of AIESEC in Norway and LNU 's cooperation to give you the most valuable information and knowledge.


"I was pleasantly surprised with the workshops and webinars organized by Aiesec in Norway on this project because the speakers that were part of these projects were one of the most inspiring and empowering people I’ve stumbled upon this year. I would highly recommend any upcoming project organized by Aiesec in Norway in this year, because it will definitely be one of a lifetime experience."

"I'm beyond grateful I was chosen to be part of this inspiring journey of meeting up weekly for a little over a month to learn about topics such as strategic planning, self-leadership, adaptability and resilience, effective communication, and agile management, SDGs, etc. I also enjoyed engaging with the speakers and exchanging different ideas/solutions in breakout rooms with other participants. Broaden Base is such a valuable program to be part of and grow as a person and I'd recommend it to anyone!"

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  • Chr. Krohgs gate 32, 0186 Oslo, Norway
  • broadenbase@aiesec.no