My First Global Village Experience

Written By: Neena Fabian

Have you always wanted to explore the world and all its different cultures?

You are in for a treat!

Global Village is happening this Wednesday, March 7 – from 11.00 am – 14.15 pm at UiO, Eilert Sundts hus Block A, next to Auditorium 5.



This year’s Global Village will be my first!

As an exchange student from Canada, a culturally diverse environment has always been the norm for me, so I know that Global Village will feel just like home. I’m looking forward to getting a taste of each continent through the great food, great music, and great people — all under one roof.


This event is perfect for exploring the world’s culture in less than six hours.




Being a new member of the AIESEC team in Norway, one of my goals for the Global Village event is to learn more about AIESEC’s Global Volunteer Program. I’ve heard that this year’s national campaign is to send students to Brazil, Mexico, Bolivia and Argentina. I have always loved traveling, and these countries are definitely on my list. It would be a transformative experience to be immersed in the rich cultures of these countries.

You will for sure see me drop by the information session to discover volunteering opportunities in Latin America this summer.

The information session starts at 16:15.

See you there!

Being an international student in Oslo, Norway

Written By: Giulia Berardinetti

Are you a student?

Are you living outside your home country?

Well, don’t worry… you are not alone!

I want to share with you, my personal experience being a new international student at BI Business school in Oslo moving from the eternal city: Rome.

Going back to the moment when I discovered I was going to spend my last year of university at BI, I received the email while I was driving with one of my best friends, I couldn’t have asked a better person to share this moment with.

The tension when I was scrolling down the page was so intense I thought I would never find out the results… when I finally read my student ID in the top 5 admitted, I just started screaming and laughing like never before.

Needless to say everyone’s reaction for my success was a mixture of happiness, proudness and also sadness for being apart, especially for my boyfriend.

The following months just flew by really fast and the idea of moving into the cold Oslo started to catch up with me.

I was spending my vacation in my little and sunny hometown near Rome, with all my closest and oldest friends… and the idea of leaving everyone behind for something new and unknown, kind of scared me.

I felt like I had a battle between my competitive, ambitious and committed self and the little girl inside me, comfortable in her own bubble.

Of course, the former side won. My future was more important than anything else and with the amazing support team that I had in my family and within my friends,

I knew that I was ready for this life changing experience.

I mean, how many people can say that they are studying in one of the best universities in the world, receiving a double degree, living abroad in Norway for one year and, most importantly, proving everyone what their worth?

Well, I am very lucky for this opportunity even if I am very aware that nothing comes without sacrifice and dedication but, come on, this is what studying abroad is all about!

We need to improve ourselves, learn new things, make new friends and grow…

Grow as students but mostly as human beings.

My idea about studying abroad is very well shared amongst other students in my same situation, in fact when I asked to some of my colleagues what were the factors that pushed them to study abroad some of the answers were:



“..I was thinking about doing something that could get me away from my comfort zone…”
Alicia Lopez- Spanish student in Oslo






“I believe that there are a lot of things that you aren’t able to learn and experience unless you don’t challenge yourself and live in another country for a while.”
Carolina Linkowski -American student in Oslo





In addition to all this, you could always experience something really special like I did… join AIESEC!

I decided to challenge myself even more and become part of this great and wonderful family, which, thanks to the passion of its members, works toward personal improvement and development of new leaders. This team has given me the opportunity to meet new friends and learn new skills at the same time.

Don’t be afraid to change, grow and put yourself out there…

study abroad, build your CV and come to Norway!

AIESEC is waiting for you!

Learn more about us,

Mitt internship i Sveits.

Post By: Lars Rimstad

Written By: Åse

Jeg heter Åse og er 22 år gammel. For tre år siden begynte jeg på NHH og det var også da jeg ble kjent med AIESEC. Allerede første semester ble jeg medlem av AIESEC og har på den måten fått en god oversikt over alle mulighetene som finnes i organisasjonen.  

Jeg søkte internship i EF (Education First) på deres hovedkontor i Sveits. Der jobbet jeg i Transport Operations team for Educational Tours i 7 måneder. I denne stillingen fikk jeg jobbe med mye variert arbeid. Arbeidet var i stor grad knyttet til logistikk, men jeg fikk i tillegg andre ansvarsområder som å opprettholde kundekontakt og ha ansvaret for accounts payable.

Da jeg søkte internship gjennom AIESEC hadde jeg to mål:

  1. Utfordre meg selv 
  2.  Utforske et nytt land/ny kultur

Å jobbe i utlandet ga meg en fantastisk mulighet til å bli kjent med et nytt land og en ny kultur. Og i mitt tilfelle – mange nye kulturer. I EF jobber mennesker fra mer enn 30 forskjellige land, og blant internsene jeg begynte samtidig med, var vi alle fra forskjellige land. Dette ga meg muligheten til å både lære å tenke og jobbe på nye måter. Jeg fikk også utfordringer og ansvar i jobben som jeg ikke har fått til nå på i utdanningen som jeg også lærte mye av. 

I feriedagene og helgene fikk jeg tid til å reise rundt i Sveits og fikk opplevd både den fransktalende og italiensktalende delen av Sveits, stått på ski i alpene og lært meg mer tysk.  


AIESEC hjalp meg finne meg til rette

Fordi jeg allerede hadde vært en del av AIESEC i 2 år da jeg dro på internship kjente jeg til portalen for internships godt og trengte ikke så mye hjelp med å kartlegge hvor jeg ville dra og hva slags internships jeg var interessert i, noe AIESEC normalt sett hjelper til med. Da jeg kom til Sveits derimot, var det veldig greit med litt hjelp. Jeg fikk blant annet hjelp med å finne bolig og med innflyttingen. Underveis ble jeg invitert med på flere sosiale events og sightseeing i et par av byene i Sveits med andre interns som jobbet i andre bedrifter og lokale AIESEC-medlemmer.

Mitt råd:

I løpet av det halvåret jeg var på internship gjennom AIESEC lærte jeg så mye som jeg ikke ville gjort dersom jeg valgte å ikke dra. Dersom du er i tvil, vil jeg definitivt anbefale deg å gripe sjansen med en gang og se på det som en fantastisk mulighet til å gi seg selv noen nye utfordringer og opplevelser.

Utrolige opplevelser som dette er bare et klikk unna. Utfordre deg selv med et internship i utlandet med AIESEC:


3 Great Leaders from Oslo.

By: Chloé Blatter


Before addressing the topic, let’s reflect for a moment:

What is leadership and what are the characteristics of a leader?

People interpret these terms differently. Some would say that leadership is the ability to see a problem and be the solution. Others describe leadership as playing to strengths and addressing weaknesses in the most productive and efficient way possible.” In general, a leader can be defined a person who leads or commands a group, an organization or a country. As leadership is a value which we strive for in AIESEC, let’s take a look at some great leaders from Oslo.

1. King Harald V of Norway

Remember the video of the Norwegian Royal Family which went viral on social media? Yes, the one where the son of the Crown Prince Håkon did the infamous dab on National TV. This story is not about him, but about his grandfather. King Harald V of Norway (1937 – Present). Growing up was tough, in fact he had to flee from Oslo due to the German Invasion in 1940. Eventually, he came back to Norway in 1945 to enroll at the Norwegian Military Academy. Then, he went to Oxford University in England to study economics, history and politics. In 1991, Harald succeeded his father as king in Norway. Thanks to his commitment for service, he earned several national honors such as Oslo Military Society Badge of Honor and foreign honors such as the Honorary Knight Grand Cross of the Royal Victorian Order. While being a king is maybe the ultimate symbol of leadership, it is important to notice how King Harald has continuously invested in his personal development and growth. Leaders should always invest in themselves to remain valid and relevant.

2. Fridtjof Nansen

Norway is known for its four-seasons summer and its exquisite salmon, but a fact which not everyone knows: It is indeed a Norwegian man who discovered the North Pole!
Fridtjof Nansen (1861-1930) was a Norwegian scientist, polar, explorer, diplomat and humanitarian. Growing up being outdoorsy active, Fridtjof made the first crossing of Greenland’s treacherous ice cap. After discovering the North Pole, he devoted himself to the League of Nations and won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1922 for his work on behalf of the victims of the First World War. He worked on behalf of refugees until his sudden death in 1930. His life is the perfect epitome of how leaders step out of their comfort zone, following their true calling and overcome their orders through perseverance. His life also shows dedication to a cause bigger than one’s self.


3. Trygve Lie

Our last leader for today is Trygve Lie (1896 – 1968). He was a Norwegian Politician who became the 1st Secretary General of the United Nations. Despite living under poor conditions together with his mother and his little sister, he pursued a degree in law and joined the Labor Party in 1911. He served as a member of the executive committee of his local municipality, met important politicians in history such as Lenin and Trotsky. As Secretary General of the United Nations, it gave him the opportunity to expand his international network. After resigning from his position, he remained active in politics and held several titles like County Governor of Oslo, Chairman of the Board of Energy, Minister of Industry and Minister of Trade and Shipping. Trygve Lie is an example of overcoming insurmountable hurdles to purse his true passion in serving for the welfare and betterment regardless of whatever might be the job title.

In conclusion, the life of these three leaders have depicted three leaderships traits. They step out of their comfort zone. They follow their true calling. They persevered through tough times. As leaders, they have actively made an effort on their personal growth and development. More importantly they relentless in contributing to causes that were bigger than themselves. AIESEC is happy to present you with opportunities to hone your leadership skill.

Check our opportunities in the portal:

6 reasons why you should be an AIESEC volunteer!

By: Karoline Lund Johansen


Volunteering. You might have thought about it, you might have never even considered it, but everyone who has already done it will agree that it’s an experience you will not get anywhere else. So what is it about volunteering that makes it so special? Here are 6 reasons why you should volunteer with AIESEC!


1. Step out of your comfort zone

Neal D. Walsch said; “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone”.  Your most amazing experiences and mind-blowing discoveries will only come when you dare to challenge yourself and take a chance. Living in a totally strange culture will not always be easy, this is why it’s such an amazing and memorable experience!


2. Discover a different culture like you’ve never done before

You may be a traveler who has been all over the world, or you may have never set your foot outside the borders of your own country. Regardless you will never experience a country and it’s culture as when you are living and working in it. By participating in the community you learn to live their culture, not just to watch it! This way you get a unique understanding of how their culture works.


3. Get friends for life

For many people the scariest part of volunteering is to travel to a place where they don’t know anyone. However, this is the exact reason why you will get friendships that will last for a lifetime. When you have no choice but to make new friends, you will connect and open up to others in a whole different way.  As a volunteer you will not only get the chance to connect with the locals, but also with the other volunteers you are working with. By going to this one place, you can end up with friends from all over the world!

4. Gain Perspective

By stepping out of your daily routines, your community and country you might learn some things you would never know without distancing yourself from them. It will be easier to see what doesn’t work and needs to be changed, but also what works really well and can be implemented in other places. Working abroad is also a good way to get a new perspective and ideas on how to tackle issues you have at home. For example, by working with a gender equality project in Bangladesh, you might learn new techniques to continue working towards gender equality in Norway!


5. Find yourself

It has nearly become a cliché that young people travel the world to “find” themselves and discover what they want to do with their lives. However there is something behind it! You will most likely not go out in the world and get a revelation that tells you exactly what to do with your life. Yet by going abroad, learning new skills and by being challenged, you might discover a new passion, and become more self aware about your strengths and weaknesses.


6. Give your CV a pop!

Today’s job market is very competitive. A bachelor degree in it self is not very outstanding, some times even a master degree might not be very different from the mass. By having a volunteer experience on your application you show that you have traveled and seen the world not just as tourist. You show you are independent and solution oriented as you managed to adapt to a new culture.  It also shows that you are daring and wiling to push yourself out of your comfort zone. A relevant volunteering experience makes you stand out from the crowd!

There are so many organizations you can volunteer with. The question is how to choose the right one? AIESEC doesn’t only want you to have an amazing experience, but wants to help our volunteers to develop on a personal level. We want you to become a world citizen that thinks globally, to become more independent, self aware, solution oriented and good at empowering others around you. We will be there for you throughout your project, to give you support whenever you need it.

Find your next adventure at

6 excuses why you shouldn’t go on Exchange

By: Mehdi Guerfali

Have you always considered going abroad on an exchange opportunity in a foreign company or working for a humanitarian organization, but yet never done it?
I bet some voices in the back of your head are holding you down and not letting you do it now.

Check out this list of excuses and who knows, maybe you could relate to some of them. Perhapes, you will be able to quiet down those voices in the back of your mind.


I don’t have the time:

When you come to the end of your exchange you are going to wish that you could stay longer. However, if you really do not have time to go for a longer internship at the moment, you can always go on of our short-term programs as volunteering or entrepreneurial opportunities. These opportunities last between 6-8 weeks. If you would go this summer, you can benefit from your personal holidays.



I can’t afford going abroad, it’s too expensive:

Many assume it is out of their price range before even looking at costs. Many experienced travelers can tell you how surprisingly affordable it could be even if you do not have that big of an income.
Besides, AIESEC internship programs provide you with a salary or with at least a free-accommodation and free meals. Make sure you look at all your options and have the right information before deciding if you can afford the experience.


I am underqualified:

Of course, you are not the only person that will be applying for positions. But that is part of the experience we offer to you. And trust me, one of the magical points of AIESEC, is that there is a very high chance, that an experience that suits perfectly your profile is right there, waiting for you on Give it a try, it changed my way of perceiving the world and I’m sure it would change yours as well.


I want to go to (the country you dream about) but I don’t speak the language:

I shouldn’t bother you much regarding this one since almost everyone in AIESEC speaks English. Wherever you end up, you’ll be surround by natives who communicate in English with you as well. As help, you could learn their language if you’d like that.


The world is unpredictable:

It surely is, I completely agree with you, but it shouldn’t prevent you from exiting your comfort zone. This would be the same as not living your normal life and not leaving your home because of the fear that something unfortunate will happen to you. I have traveled to many places that were really scary in my mind. I had high expectations of bad situations occurring to me as well. Bbut I ended up disappointing those expectations and living great experiences that made me feel much better and more confident about myself, and the world around me.


Going abroad is not crucial for my career:

Even If you live in a wealthy environment, there are a set of skills that can only be developed by living in a different one. Nowadays, these skills are highly required for a large range of job opportunities, are beneficial to employers and can potentially help with operational & strategical tasks.


Now close your eyes and take a deep breath. Trust me on this one (even though I am just a web page), and Apply now.

My experience in Côte D’Ivoire

By: Elisabeth Stava

My Name Elisabeth Stava and I am currently working in Côte D’Ivoire thorough the opportunity I got with AIESEC. I decided to go on an AIESEC exchange because I wanted the chance to live and work professionally in another country, at the same time as learning a new language. I ended up deciding to go to Ivory Coast due to the interesting internship I found there, working as Business Development Manager in a company that offers young Ivorians the service and opportunity to study abroad.

I landed in Abidjan late at night and I was picked up by the local AIESECers. I remember the drive to my new home, trying to speak French and also soaking in my first impressions of the city. As we drove over the bridge entering Abidjan, I was struck by all the signs and tall buildings and I was quite impressed by Plateaux, the entry point to the city (as shown above in the  picture). Although I was feeling tired, I increasingly got excited to explore and discover the city by day.

First month:  

I can say that my first month in Ivory Coast was mostly filled with new impressions, getting to know new people and adjusting to the new culture. The main challenge I faced was the language as my French was quite limited upon arrival. However, with a job that was mostly conducted in French along with friends from AIESEC practicing it with me, I had a steep learning curve.
At the same time as it was tiring and challenging learning a new language, I have also had many moments of joy when being able to communicate and realizing my progress. Simply going from not knowing how to greet people to now being able to have conversations and discussions with others has given me great confidence and a thrilling feeling.
Learning a new language has also been interesting as I realize it is not only about learning a new vocabulary, but in fact obtaining a new understanding and way to see the world. By speaking French I have in fact started to see the world differently and express myself differently than what I do in Norwegian and English. It is a really exciting change and discovery!


The work:

Working in a small company where I have been given the liberty to shape some of my work tasks has been an interesting experience. As my company work for young people that want to study abroad, I have had the chance to interact with young Ivoiriens from all over the country. It has been fun to see them develop themselves as we prepare them for a new life abroad. When most students arrive in our office and want to study abroad they are shy and insecure, but as they get more knowledge, skills and practice, they become ready to embark on new adventures, not so different from my current experience.
What I have appreciated a lot is my manager and my colleagues doing their best to welcome me and making me feel comfortable. At least one day a week our manager takes me and my colleagues out to eat and have a couple of beers together. As I am the only woman at the office I have also learnt a lot and had interesting discussion about the role of women and men in the society.
After my short period here I believe that Ivory Coast and Norway are quite different culturally, hence, I have been challenged, I have challenged perceptions back and learnt a lot along the way!

Assinie, Ivory Coast


Travel and fun:

In addition to a lot of work, I have also had the opportunity to travel quite a bit. I love the beach and have tried my best to visit different places along the coast as much as possible. Ivory Coast has a beautiful nature and it has been great getting out of the big and busy Abidjan to just enjoy the simple life with new friends. Below is a picture from Assinie, one favorite spot for enjoying the beach life. With many small restaurants serving all kinds of sea food and other delicacies it is the perfect place to hang-out and relax!


During my first 3 months in Ivory Coast I have also had the chance to taste new food and drinks, an exciting part of experiencing a new country! I have adjusted to the variety of different spices that are used and I really love so much of the different food that I eat here. My favorite must be Alloco (fried plantain) along with grilled fish and the spicy sauce that is a must for all meals. Food is important in Côte D’Ivoire and by being open to try all different kinds of new food, I have both gained insight in the culture as well as gained and new friendships.

Alloco and grilled fish


Getting to know the culture:

One great way to get to know a new place and culture is to participate in different events and ceremonies. I have been lucky enough in my first 3 months to have celebrated 3 birthdays (in an apartment, in a venue and on the beach), I have attended a traditional Ivorian wedding, participated in the Muslim Holiday Tabaski (Eid al-Adha), gone to Catholic Mass ceremony and celebrated a friend and her son’s baptism. In all the different and diverse events I have discovered new traditions and customs that are important for the Ivoiriens. It has been a great way to get to know people better and to learn more about life here in Côte D’Ivoire!

Celebrating Tabaski with friends and colleagues


My experience in Ivory Coast has so far been a journey filled with joy, laughter, challenges, adventures and personal development. I feel privileged and lucky to have met so many amazing individuals that really has made my stay worthwhile. With all the challenges I have encountered I feel that I have developed and grown as a person and with all the good moments I have made memories for life.


I can only recommend every single person to live and work abroad. Although every experience and country is different, what is certain is that no matter where you go, you will be challenged, you will learn and you will develop yourself. 

For me in the end, that is what life is all about!


Amazing experiences like this is one just one click away! Develop yourself through an internship abroad with AIESEC.

Benefits of going abroad with AIESEC

By: Anteneh Tesfaye

“I’m gaining international experience, and I’m getting new skills and knowledge, and I’m challenged regularly.’’ Says Joakim I. Andersen a Norwegian who went on a professional internship in India as Business Development executive. A year before that, he was also in Uganda for his volunteer project.

It might have crossed your mind the idea of going abroad, or you might have even wrote it in your bucket list either for volunteering or to work professionally. But you might ask, how? Which organization should I choose? Will the organization provide me a plenty of choices to choose in terms of where to go and what to do? Will I get all the necessary support here and abroad? How can I develop personally and professionally? How can I take the best out of this? If you think it is fair to ask this question, you have come to the right place. Here we brought the 5 benefits you will get out of going abroad with AIESEC.


1- Global Volunteer- Global Entrepreneur- Global Talent

What do you want?

  • Global Volunteer– Working in community development volunteer projects in different NGO’s and bring a positive impact?
  • Global Entrepreneur– Working in startups and developing entrepreneurial skills through work experience abroad?
  • Global Talent– Working professionally in companies and getting an international work experience?

It’s your choice to find the one you want and embark on your journey!
2- Exciting and Impactful Opportunities

If you either need to have career/school break or you are looking to do something out of ordinary, AIESEC provides you opportunities that are worthwhile where you can make a real difference. The fact that AIESEC is present in more than 120 countries plus the very diversified opportunities and projects depending your area of interests will give you the chance to work where want and what you want.


3- Unique Support and Engagement

Starting from your first interaction with the AIESEC till you finish and come back and share your experience, you will be provided with the necessary support in all phases to become a part of the AIESEC family. But what I do mean when I say unique is, for example let’s say you went abroad and started working. You will have an unforgettable time with AIESEC local committee members of your host country, you will be invited to their local committee meetings which often happens every two weeks or every month, where every member and intern gather and have a cultural sharing time or country presentation, while sometime you will have discussions on world issues or other learning activities. Of course there will also be a time to for fun and relaxing. After those meetings, the AIESECers will go to nearby restaurant or bar for a drink or simply to get to know each other more.


4- Global Mindset and International Network

Working a foreign country is different from working in local internships. You have to work and live with people from diverse backgrounds; you will learn and become friends with people who come from different cultures and who are also willing to tell you about their country, culture, living styles and even business opportunities. You will develop an ample understanding of the world and create a friendship with people different part of the world. Who would not like having one friend from Asia, one friend from Africa and the other from South America?


5- A Plus for your CV

Either if you volunteered or worked abroad through AIESEC, just imagine your resume showing your summary of experiences abroad side by side with some other professionals with same status like you and you will definitely stand out as a great choice for the position. No doubt all the candidates will have the right qualifications. And they all want to job but what is the extra thing you can add to company? You can boost your chance by highlighting the skills you gained while living in a different culture. The Logic is simple, having a wide skill set and high number of attributes counts a lot when it comes to finding a good job.

Now that you know the benefits you get from going abroad with AIESEC, you just have to find the right project for you, and decide when it is the best time for you to go. In case you have any doubts, you can always contact the nearest local office, and our members will help you through your journey.

AIESECers’ Stories #5

My name is Radhika Mathur and I am from India. Currently I am pursuing Masters in Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the University of Oslo and joined AIESEC in August 2016. I joined AIESEC because I saw an opportunity to build network with companies and startups within Norway as it would be beneficial for my course. Hence I chose the Incoming Exchange team. Another reason for me to join was to develop as a responsible leader, personally and professionally.
One thing that I can say about AIESEC is that it is an organisation where every member matters and it delivers what it promises; developing leadership. I have evolved from a team member in the Incoming Exchange team to taking the responsibility of a team leader. Now I am the new VP Talent Management for the term 2017-2018.

Through AIESEC I have learned so many things, the most important being: motivating and placing its People (members) first within the organisation. Everyone working in AIESEC UiO have been extremely motivating since day 1 and are super friendly. I have made some good friends, and going with them to our last national conference (UNITE) in Trondheim (Jan 2017) was the best moment.
Joining AIESEC will not only help you professionally but will also develop you personally. You will get to meet new people and build networks with AIESECers around the world. Also, AIESEC is a society where each and every member is important. It gives its members ownership to present their ideas and opinions. So join AIESEC and become a part of a society where you will make a

AIESECers’ Stories #4

My name is Line Rønning and I currently live in Trondheim, but was born in Oslo. I study Political Science at NTNU and I joined AIESEC in august 2015 by mere coincidence. I had never heard about the organisation before, but I was drawn to their focus on developing teamwork and leadership skills.

I am currently the head of HR and Finance within the organisation’s base in Trondheim and on the side working with developing a volunteer program called Youth Impact. Earlier have I been working on a Volunteer program called Active Summer in Oslo, I have also been in the marketing team and organised a national conference, all through AIESEC.

The main thing I have learnt with my experience in AIESEC is that if you really put effort, your energy and passion into something that you care about, then you can achieve everything. My best moment inside the organization was during the summer I was working with this volunteer program called Active Summer, we had just received 23 students from all around Europe, and the team and I were tired and stressed after a long day of working. At the end of the day we were going to have a meeting, and one of my team mates had bought refreshment for us to drink during the meeting. It was such a small gesture, but it made that meeting that much easier and the mood was lifted.


Another memorable event was at the end of the Active Summer project when our volunteers had just finished facilitating two summer camps for kids from asylum centers and lower social economic background. We were having a karaoke night and one of the volunteers decided that we were going to sing “I was here” by Beyonce. During the song you could really feel that everyone in the room felt that they could relate to the song and that they had made a difference this summer.

It is these small occasions with a team and the people that you are working with towards a common goal and shares an amazing experience with that really makes AIESEC truly special to me. If you give it a shot then I can promise you that it will be life changing.

Now you have the chance to join us, and change your life as well. Be a part of AIESEC: