Do you want to experience a country beyond being a tourist?

Are you interested in gaining unforgettable experience of a lifetime while you impact the world? Travel with our GV (Global Volunteer) program. This program gives you the opportunity to do volunteer work abroad.

Here is a story about the experience of Kaia Rose Traub Wulff – who traveled from Sandefjord in Norway and across the globe to Latin America. She spent her 6 weeks of Autumn 2017 working for SDG (sustainable development goals) number 4: Quality Education, in the radiant country of Mexico. According to Kaia, the reason she chose Mexico was because she wanted to experience a country which was very different from Norway.

Alongside her journey of teaching Mexican students, the stay gave her a taste of the Mexican culture: from Mexican daily life in a host family and by exploring the Mexican culture around the country. For Kaia, it was an experience «unlike a tourist’s». She met new and interesting people working for the same cause, but most importantly she had made a positive impact in the lives of Mexican students – which is a memory of a lifetime. She really felt like she had made a difference in these student’s life.

Do it like Kaia, follow the unwalked path and make the change!

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