In the light of the COVID-19 outbreak, we advise to ensure you're aware of the latest information available on the WHO website and through your national and local public health authority before making travel plans with AIESEC. We recommend only making plans after ensuring that both your home and destination countries are safe and open for travel.

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Global Talent

Develop your leadership while boosting your career prospects with an international internship in your field.

Global Teacher

Develop your leadership while boosting your career prospects with an opportunity to work as a teacher abroad .

Global Volunteer

Develop your leadership through a volunteering project contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals.

Our process

Check out the opportunities on our platform,


Create a free account, fill out your whole profile, and start to apply to projects that look interesting to you.


You’ll be contacted by AIESEC representatives from the projects, to arrange interviews.


If both you and the organization are satisfied, we have a match!


AIESEC will support you with all legal and logistical preparation before you leave to your project!


Project fees are the fees required to cover any logistical costs needed during the exchange. These costs may include accommodation, airport pick-up or similar services. If there is a fee required, this will be written in the description of the opportunity.

The total price of any exchange program consists of two elements : The Registration Fees: vary depending on your home country and is paid after being accepted. The Project Fees: this fee is fixed by your destination's entity (host entity) and may differ depending on the opportunity and city chosen. It can cover various costs needed to make the project happen (the list of the costs covered will appear if you click on more information under the price).

The Invitation Letter (or IL) provided by AIESEC helps speed up your Visa process. The IL serves as proof that you have been officially invited to the aforementioned Country to Volunteer on a particular project in addition, the AIESEC office in your host country is prepared to guide you and provide all the information you might need regarding your visa process. They might give you step-by-step guidance or point you to the appropriate webpage/ document detailing all you need to know. Make sure to follow these steps carefully and ask our local AIESEC representatives from your country of destination any questions.

The AIESEC office in your host country should provide you with new options within two weeks from when you were notified of the cancellation. These new options should include the same job, benefits and conditions as stated in the initial project. If the team however is unable to provide suitable options, you will be reimbursed for the expenses incurred accordingly to the following policy AIESEC Exchange Product Policy.

No, we only provide international internships to develop cross cultural understanding and global mindset development. However, you can work in a local office of AIESEC as a local volunteer if you live close to an area that comes under one of our local offices. This pertains to joining our organisation as a member which is different from our internships such as Global Volunteer which is interning abroad as a cross cultural exchange.

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